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Disability Aids Rental

Rent Disability Aids in Oxenhope

Ever have elderly parents or grandparents come to spend the week? Do they have difficulty in walking or getting around?

It’s a natural law. We all get older; our bones get weaker and our movement stiffer. Thankfully, we now have mobility and lifestyle aids that can help treat these side-effects of getting older. Your Local Pharmacy is now allowing patients to rent disability aids in Oxenhope with the aim of helping all of those in the community with mobility issues. We realised that there wasn’t a mobility shop in the vicinity, and we wanted to fill that space so you don’t have to travel so far for it.

Mobility doesn’t just affect the elderly. Certain disabilities such as Parkinson’s, which can affect those younger than 65 yrs, Dementia, those partially sighted, Arthritis and those with fractures will all benefit from certain types of mobility/disability aid. We at Your Local Pharmacy have been providing disability aids in Your Local for some time now and all our staff are fully trained on how to advise customers enquiring about equipment.

Sometimes, the need may arise for short term requirement of equipment such as a wheelchair. Buying such equipment can be expensive, and if for short term use, a waste of money. For a small rental charge, we proudly offer wheelchairs. There is also no minimum or maximum time contract, which means you can rent the equipment for as long as you like, whether it be a day, a week, a month or longer. However, if you do wish to buy equipment, please do not hesitate to contact us on current stock availability.


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